August 17, 2018 Fri
Ine’s boathouses

Yosano is located in a region rich in dramatic landscapes, and a drive around the Tango peninsula just north of Kyoto makes for a scenic trip. Mountains tumble into the ocean, and terraced rice paddies overlook glistening seas. The small town of Ine lies about 30 minutes north of Yosano on the Tango peninsula, and is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful villages. Ine is most well known for its funaya, or boathouses, 230 of which crowd around Ine bay. Built in the 1700s, the funaya were originally made to protect boats (and their catches) from the rough seas that can plague the region, but have since been modernised and turned into living areas, guesthouses and restaurants. Living so close to the sea means that fish is delivered fresh every morning; on a fine day, enjoying a seafood meal whilst looking out over Ine’s translucent waters is a true Tango experience.

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