October 07, 2018 Sun
Train tracks merge next to Yosano Train Station

Though most of Japan is connected by the highly efficient JR lines, Yosano and the Tango region rely on the private Kyoto-Tango railway. The line connecting Toyooka to Maizuru was built in the 1920s, with construction of an additional line to Fukuchiyama (with direct connections to Kyoto and Osaka) completed in 1988. Though technically a ‘private railway’, as in many other areas of rural Japan, a lack of ridership means that local governments have to heavily subsidise the line. However, in contrast to the crowded commuter trains in the cities, a trip on the line is a scenic pleasure, as the lines wend their way through lush valleys, thick forests, and beside the dramatic Tango coastline. The journey may be slow and the trains a little rickety, but that is part of the charm. After all, you need time to appreciate the view.

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