November 10, 2018 Sat
As the weather continues to get cooler in this season of fall, we see the changing of many things. The changing of leaves on the trees surrounding Yosano, the change of our students uniforms to their warmer jackets and the change of the foods seen in the grocery. The most noticeable addition to the grocery produce is the large white daikon seen on the shelves. The daikon is known also as a winter radish, which is large and white compared to its smaller red radish relative. The daikon lends itself well to many fall and winter dishes, such as Oden. This warm broth of various items has been a favorite of many as the temperature drops. It can be found in convenience stores, festivals, street food stalls and homes. Ready to warm your heart and tummies. With the oden broth packs found conveniently next to the daikon and the various fish cakes next to the konjac. It is easy to pick up the basics for a bowl of oden, needing only a pack of instant oden broth, a few thick slices of daikon, a boiled egg, konjac and various fish cakes. Having a pot of this slowly bubbling away in the cold nights has two benefits of keeping your home warm as well as being dinner.

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