August 20, 2019 Tue
You Can Do It!
Every month, the residents of Yosano can see the town’s four JET programme members (known as JETs) beamed into their living rooms. ‘You Can Do It!’ is Yosano’s monthly English TV show, broadcast on the local KYT TV network. Yosano is rather unique in allowing its JETs to script, direct and star in their own TV show; locations and ideas are largely up to the JETs, although each show centres around a social situation requiring English. Past episodes have involved capers including an accident on the bike path, cultural mishaps as a shrine, and a failed library romance. The show is intentionally silly and light-hearted, but it is a good way for the town’s residents to familiarize themselves with the JETs (whom they may see but never interact with) and see them in a fun, positive light. As JETs, we hope that viewers gain as much enjoyment from watching as we put into creating the show. Long may it continue to appear on the TV schedules!

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