August 29, 2019 Thu
Summer and Fireworks

With the weather suddenly getting cooler, summer is ending. This summer was filled with festivals, beach adventures, meeting new friends, saying good bye to old friends and of course fireworks.
Seeing the Miyazu fireworks once again with new friends was amazing, we managed to get a great view from the sports field near Mipple. Allowing us a view of the fireworks that shoot across the length of Amanohashidate. It was breathtaking, and surprising for the first timers, who mentioned that it was their first time seeing fireworks being shot across the sea. We also enjoyed doing the Miyazu bon odori dance, with the expert guidance of the dance leaders. We all had a great time enjoying the various festival foods, snacks and drinks as well as seeing some of our students who were eager to practice their English with us. But sadly summer was like a firework, you wait in anticipation as you see the small flare shoot in to the sky and then suddenly you are surprised by a beautiful explosion of lights, shapes and a loud sounds. But as quickly as you gaze in wonder at this beautiful night display it fades. Summer faded as quickly as a firework lighting up the night sky. Leaving you waiting for more, but the wait is worth it.

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