January 28, 2020 Tue
No Snow Sadness

This winter has been an odd time. Although I prefer the warmer months of summer, this winter I found myself missing the snow. In my first year in Yosano, I experienced snow for the first time in my life. To me snow was like a challenge of nature. At first I was a little worried if I was prepared for it. Did I have enough layers on? Was I wearing the right type of jacket? Why is it cold indoors?
Walking in snow was my biggest challenge, I was always unsure of my footing. If I was stepping on ice with a thin cover of snow or was it all snow? I recall one morning walking to work slowly, being extra cautious of where I stepped while one of my students ran by in sneakers. To this day walking in snow is a skill I need more practice with. I doubt I will ever be able to run in snow or move as easily as many of my students do.
Snow for me was skill I was slowly trying to "master", and snow shoe hiking was me attempting the challenge. Since skiing or snowboarding was maybe nt a good idea for me.
Sadly last year during the snow shoe hike I had a bit of difficulty with my knee being unhappy with the descent. Going up the hill was exciting, seeing a new side of Mt. Oe covered in show. Along with many other ALTs from Yosano and Miyazu we wandered around the snow covered mountain side. Enjoying the large amount of snow when we had barely seen snow in Yosano [winter 2019]
I was hoping this year's winter would bring snow again for me to practice my "snow skills" but sadly it was only rain. Even my adventure in snow shoe hiking was cancel this year due to a lack of snow on Mt. Oe. I guess my "snow skills" will remain in progress till next year.

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