September 10, 2019 Tue
Glenn the Gecko

There are many creatures that live around my house, and I like to give them names. There are spiders called Bill, Ben and Tyler, a frog called Fred and many more. But my absolute favourite is Glenn.

Glenn is a gecko who lives on my window; at least at night he does. In the UK there are no geckos; the only reptiles are snakes and lizards. Geckos are only really seen on holidays by British people so we are almost always amazed to see them. I personally love reptiles, my favourite place in Japan is the snake café in Osaka, so I am always looking out for them. Because of this I was happily surprised to spot Glenn in my first week of arriving in Yosano. He has become a near constant presence in my home and I look for him every day. He stands guard on my window, eating any insects that are summoned by the lights in my house. However, if I ever try to get close to him he runs away faster than I can see. I’m glad I haven’t scared him away forever as he is both beautiful to watch and useful as a small hunter.

I hope Glenn continues to guard the house for as long as I am here to enjoy his presence.

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