October 31, 2019 Thu
The Kindness of a Town

Yosano is a wonderful place, filled with friendly and helpful people. Since I have started living here I have been met with persons eager to talk with me and learn more about me, my country and various cultural facts. It is with this same eagerness I am to learn more about Yosano and traditional Japanese culture.
As I navigated my way through life in Yosano I became aware of kimono. Previously I only knew about jimbei, and it is still my favorite traditional clothing from Japan. As it is comfortable and easy to wear in summer.However I was introduced to a yukata wearing workshop last summer, were I learned how to wear yukata from a lovely lady who lives in Yosano. Learning about dressing yourself in yukata took some practice. I was able to practice this skill with the new ALTs this summer as we wore yukata to summer event this year.
In fall we were able to borrow beautiful kimono from a group of ladies who are always happy to help foreigners experience wearing kimono. Kindly accommodating seven of us from Miyazu, Ine, Kyotango and Yosano. We were able to wear kimono to the Amanohashidate Kimono festival on October 20th. These lovely ladies shared with us their kimonos as well as well their home. The kindness of Yosano is one of the best parts of this job and my current life in Japan.

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