Kimono Selection

All available kimono are made of high-quality Tango chirimen silk crepe. See the actual kimono and choose.

Special Kimono

All the kimono are made of pure silk Tango chirimen. To make our Special Kimono, we consulted with the fabric maker and dye artist to choose the fabric and dye.
You can almost feel the artist’s creative breath as you wear this Tango chirimen kimono and admire the dyeing. Please try it.

Gradation dyeingTango Blue

The snow cloud pattern brilliantly
matches the vivid Tango Blue.

Before your eyes are even aware, the tranquil blue color is pulling you into it, into the brilliance and luster emitted by Tango Blue.
The white fabric was made by Tango chirimen maker Manjyo Co., Ltd., famous for juko-ori weaving with pre-designed threads. The kimono was dyed by Kobayashi Some Kobo in Tango Blue using gradation dyeing. The snow cloud pattern brilliantly matches the vivid Tango Blue.
It would be like a dream to wear such an eye-catching kimono on the streets of Tango. This kimono will have you walking confidently around Yosano; and you can expect people to admire you.

Brush dyedPlain-colored

Admire the elegance and beauty of the Japanese umbrella-pine design running across this entire kimono.

Very elegant material in plain-colored, light purple. The white fabric was made by Tango chirimen maker Watamasa, and brush dyed by Kobayashi Some Kobo.
The fabric won a Tango textile award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’ Agricultural Production Bureau. The Japanese umbrella-pine design is exquisite, and since the color is not overbearing, the kimono’s high quality is accentuated. It really brings out the wearer’s femininity. No matter where you wear this kimono, on the streets of Kyotango or for dinner or drinks, the elegance is unquestionable.

gradation dyeingGold-threaded

The gradation dyeing is accented
with sparkling gold threads.

Be adventurous and wear a chic kimono that you normally would not wear on a sightseeing trip. The gold threads make it elegant without being too gaudy. A very adult style. Looks great on the streets of Tango and in photos.

KomonMatelassé Weave

Chic color combination on
matelassé komon kimono.

Casual komon kimono with a stylish overall monochrome design. Enjoy a different kimono feel that you can try coordinating yourself. Even with the matelassé weaving, this casual komon kimono gives a modern impression as it takes you back in time in Yosano.

KomonFlowery Arabesque

Komon kimono with flowery
arabesque on pink fabric.

With a vibrant pink gradation going up, this komon kimono is very uplifting. Although it is a Japanese robe, it looks like you are wearing a couture dress. Have fun coordinating it with a handbag or other accessor ies.

HomongiPeony and Camellia

Light-colored gradation daintily decorated
with peonies, camellias, etc., in soft colors.

Homongi formal kimono with light cream, beige, and pink gradations. Such an elegant and gentle kimono makes the wearer look cute. The chest area’s light red highlights the face delightfully. This orthodox Homongi kimono wonderfully matches Yosano’s historical townscape.

HomongiClassic Design

Chic color combination with
matelassé komon design.

Homongi kimono with a classic design featuring chic color combinations of gray, black, and monotone. Dignified for formal occasions where you want to feel confident. This kimono makes the wearer feel like the head of a Japanese family.

KomonHemp Leaf Pattern

Traditional Japanese hemp leaf
pattern on a light yellow fabric.

The traditional Japanese hemp leaf pattern on this bright yellow fabric makes it a modern pop design. Wear it like a casual dress without expanding the shoulders and elbows. Perfect match for a fancy cafe during tea time or meeting friends.

HomongiRetro Design

Homongi kimono with
a retro design.

Bright purple and bold design for a modern-retro look on this Homongi formal kimono. Even a kimono like this is available for rent, so you should try to take advantage of it. Makes you feel like a different person at a unique travel destination. Discover and bring out your best self!

KomonStripe pattern

Komon kimono with
chic-colored stripe pattern.

The very fine and intricate vertical stripe pattern makes this komon kimono stylish. It would be fun to combine it with an obi sash and other accessories. This never overbearing style allows you to wear it with ease while walking around the old parts of town.

KomonFlowery Pattern

Delightful komon kimono with a flowery
pattern on a dark blue fabric.

Komon kimono with small flowers all over the dark blue fabric give a gorgeous impression. The dark blue and white accents make the flowery pattern refreshing. Such color combinations make it just right for an adult without sacrificing elegance.

KomonFlowery Pattern

Chic design with a flowery
pattern on black fabric.

Komon kimono with large, swirling pink flowers that capture your heart. Just gazing at the bouquets will cause your heart to stir. The design’s brilliant contrast against the black fabric, is bound to attract attention on the street.

Plain fabricGradation dyeing

Gradation dyeing
in pink all over.

The soft pink on the plain fabric is very feminine. Wearing such a kimono will make you feel relaxed and happy. Transform yourself into an elegant “hannari” Kyoto woman and enjoy strolling around Yosano.

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