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Meet silk, and experience
wearing the real thing.
in Yosano, Kyoto

In northern Kyoto Prefecture, the Tango region has Yosano Town, where people have been producing Tango chirimen silk crepe for high-grade kimono for their livelihoods. Chirimen Road prospered as the distribution center for the local textile industry. The area still has merchant homes from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Periods. The Former Bito Family Home is an especially important example. It blends the old style with a modern one. It really reflects the town's prosperity in those days. In this historical, cultural space, experience wearing a pure silk kimono and spend quality time basking in illustrious clothing.

Japan Heritage

Japan Heritage
Chirimen Road with a 300-year history.

In April 2017, "300-Year Silk-Weaving Tango Chirimen Road" was designated as a Japan Heritage site covering four municipalities in the Tango region including Yosano. Established in the Edo Period, Tango chirimen silk fabric is supple and superb for dyeing. Japan Heritage recognizes Tango chirimen's longtime support of Japanese kimono culture and the Tango region's history and culture.

Kimono Rentals and Experience Menu Sample

Select a kimono
Select Kimono

The entire selection of kimono is made of pure silk Tango chirimen. You can see all the kimono and pick and choose.

Furoshiki lesson
Wrapping-cloth lesson and factory tour

While in kimono, you will visit a furoshiki wrapping cloth factory in Yosano. See the furoshiki being woven, then learn how to wrap something with a furoshiki.

Chirimen-Kaido Walk
Chirimen Road Walk

While in kimono, walk along Chirimen Road lined with traditional buildings. Also visit Kono Shrine, the Tango region's top Shinto shrine.

Kimono Selection

Select pure silk, Tango chirimen kimono

We have the highest-quality Tango chirimen kimono for you to choose from. Although this website has photos of the kimono, you will have to visit and choose the kimono in person. The photos show a sampling of coordinated kimono items. You can select and coordinate the kimono, obi sash, obi sash cloth, obi sash knot, etc.

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