Kimono Rental Guide

Services and Fees

Basic Services

Choose one of the dozens of pure silk Tango chirimen kimono and coordinate it withan obi sash and obi-age cloth. A kimono professional will then help you put on the kimono properly. Select Plan A or Plan B for your kimono rental.

Kimono Experience Plan A
Kimono rental time: 6 to 8 hours
Rent a kimono, then use your free time to do an optional activity, walk around town, or do some sightseeing.
Return the kimono by 4:30 p.m. at the Former Bito Family Home or at your hotel (optional service).
Kimono Experience Plan B
Kimono rental time: Max. 4 hours
Kimono experience within the Chirimen-Kaido area.  
For customers who want to wear a pure silk kimono, but not for the whole day. You can do optional activities in the Former Bito Family Home or stroll around the Chirimen Road area.
Meal Service You will dine in the Former Bito Family Home using their traditional plates and utensils. A complete meal using local ingredients called “Hare-no-Hi Gozen” with the Tango specialty of “bara-zushi” as the main dish will be served.

*The above prices for both Plan A and Plan B include a meal. If a meal is not necessary, the price will be reduced by ¥2,500.

Optional Hands-on Activities
The following optional hands-on activities are also available.

Furoshiki wrapping-cloth lesson (About 30 min.) ¥1,000
Our staff will teach you how to use a Tango chirimen furoshiki wrapping-cloth.
Tea lesson (About 45 min.) ¥2,800
From a tea expert, learn the authentic etiquette of tea.
Handweaving Experience Silk Coasters (About 50 min.) ¥1,200
Stop by with your friends and family if you have extra time during your trip.
Braiding Experience Misanga Bracelets (About 30 min.) ¥900
You can have fun making misanga bracelets with colorful threads just by twisting them around.
Authentic Handweaving Experience a centerpiece on the table ¥5,000 + shipping fee
Advanced hand-weaving experience. This is an experience of making a table center using a wooden handloom.

Optional Customer Services
The following customer service options are offered:

Chirimen Road Guided Tour (60 min.) ¥3,000
Local guide will show you around this special neighborhood.
Tango Chirimen Factory Visit Inquire
Watamasa has been weaving Tango chirimen since its establishment in 1918.
Tango Chirimen Dyeing Studio Visit Inquire
Kobayashi Some Kobo is a brush-dyeing studio that has been in business for 35 years. It dyes white fabrics in diverse colors including gradations.
Hair and Make-up ¥3,000
A professional hairdresser will do your hair and makeup to match your kimono.
Kimono Return at Your Hotel ¥3,000
After you go out with your kimono, you can later take it off at your hotel. Note that this service is not available at all locations. Please inquire first.
o The basic areas are Yosano, Amanohashidate, and Monju districts.

What’s Included in the Kimono Rental

Everything you need to wear the kimono is included:

the kimono, undergarment, under-kimono, obi-age cloth, obi cord, obi sash, tabi socks, sandals, clothing accessories (collar core, underwear, cotton or gauze underwear, waistband, hip band, date band, Velcro belt, obi plate, obi pillow, korin belt), supplemental towel.

What to bring:

  • If you plan to walk in the kimono, you can bring your own Japanese sandals or tabi socks and receive a ¥1,000 discount.
  • If you have your own undergarment (hadajuban) or under-kimono (nagajuban), you can bring them and receive a ¥3,000 discount.

Kimono Rental Procedure

Make reservations on the website or by phone.
State your desired rental date, your arrival time, the desired plan, any Optional Customer Services, hotel location, and other information. We will then contact you and confirm your reservation.
Make reservations at least four days in advance.
Three days before your arrival, we will contact you and make sure there are no changes in your reservations.
Reception and payment: Come to the Former Bito Family Home to pay the rental fee.
Start of kimono experience: Dress in kimono, stroll through the streets, have lunch, furoshiki wrapping cloth lesson, etc.
This concludes
the kimono
1. Return the kimono to the Chirimen Road area.
   Return to the Former Bito Family Home by 4:30 p.m.

2. Return the kimono to your hotel.
   Return the kimono to the a specified location or to your hotel.

Map of Former Bito Family Home

Closed: December 27th to January 5th, and August 10th to 16th.

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