Meet silk, and experience
wearing the real thing.
Touching It Makes You Happy
手に触れて 嬉しかりけり 正月の 緋繻子の帯の 清さ冷たさ 晶子
Te ni furete Ureshikari keri Shogatsu no Hijusu no obi no Kiyosa tsumetasa Akiko

 Poet Akiko Yosano, who has ties to Yosano Town, wrote this tanka poem on New Year’s Day 1915. It was published in the same year in a book of poetry titled, “Sakura-sou “.
 The obi sash worn for New Year’s is not for ordinary occasions. The lustrous silk makes the scarlet of the shusu-ori woven material very beautiful. Also, when you touch it, it makes you feel happy about New Year’s.
 Even when it is not New Year’s, how about wearing a genuine kimono in Yosano Town to make it your special day?

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