Plucking Dreams
Summer River Drinkery
夏川の セエルに臨む よき酒場 フツクの荘の 雛罌粟の花 晶子
Natsukawa no Cher ni nozomu yoki sakaba Hook no so no Hinageshi no hana Akiko

Akiko Yosano composed this poem in Tours, France in 1914 and it was in a book of poetry titled, “From Summer to Autumn.” She visited Europe for the first time and tried a lot of different Western food.
 In Munich, Germany, she wrote about how she had originally thought of beer as being bitter, but the brewery’s beer turned out to be delicious. After returning to Japan, she enjoyed large mugs of beer.
Buson wrote about Yosano Town with “Natsukawa wo” where Yosano Town produces hops for beer. Perhaps Akiko may have liked it.
*Cher is a tributary of the Loire.

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