Preparation for “Delicious!”


Hanging on to Spring
与謝の海 大江の山の 片はしも 我れ見て春を 送らんとする 晶子
Yosa no umi Oe no yama no Katahashi mo Ware mite haru wo Okuran to suru Akiko

Poet Akiko Yosano, who has ties to Yosano Town, composed this poem when she visited Amanohashidate in the spring of 1940.
 The final trip of her life was to the Tango region. She had visited Tango with her late husband and she must have revisited all those memorable places very closely. With the feeling of “hanging on to spring,” she must have seen the similar rice farm work seen in the video.
To grow delicious rice, the soil must be overturned, water mixed in, and seedlings planted. A striking scene of summer in Yosano.

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