Breathing for 1,000 Years


Deep Red
濃き赤の 椿こぼれて うづだかき 切崖のもと 行く水の鳴る 晶子
Koki Aka no tsubaki koborete uzu takaki kirigishi no moto Yuku mizu no naru Akiko

Poet Akiko Yosano, who has ties to Yosano Town, announced this poem in January 1911. Immediately afterward, it was published in a book of poetry titled “Shundei-shu.”
The poem is not about the Thousand-Year Camellia appearing in the video. However, the Japanese camellia that can be seen way beyond the mountain path are redder than normal and similar to the ones in this poem.
Those who make the effort to travel down a forest path or logging road during flower season are rewarded with the moving sight of those deep-red Camellias blooming.

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